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Spring Maternity Photoshoot | Maternity Photographer in Naperville, IL

It’s springtime and the flowers will be blooming soon! It’s time to get that maternity photoshoot done before summer hits. It was an absolute pleasure working with this mom to be and I'm so grateful for her time, effort and positive energy! Check out this gorgeous spring outdoor maternity photoshoot from last year in Naperville, IL!

The Naperville Maternity Photographer is a professional who will make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and relaxed. Little Pictures Photography will guide you through the process of choosing what to wear, where to go, and how to pose for those perfect photos. This is an opportunity for you to remember how you looked when your little one was growing inside of you.

This is a very special time in a woman’s life. From the moment she first feels the baby kick, to the moment she holds her newborn for the first time, these are memories that will last a lifetime. For most women, maternity photography is an important part of documenting this beautiful time in their lives.

The ideal time to schedule your maternity photo session is usually in the third trimester, between 26-36 weeks of pregnancy, but they can be done right up until your due date. I would suggest don't wait a last minute to schedule a maternity photoshoot, this will give you plenty of time to plan outfits, hair and makeup and make sure that you’re feeling your best on the day of your shoot!

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